Saturday, June 12, 2010

I don't love animals

There is exactly one thing stopping me from being a vegetarian: Steak.
Not beef. Steak. I can live without lunch-meats and hamburgers, but any vows made to stick to a vegetarian diet would be broken immediately if steak was being served.
It's not like this for other meats. I'm practically kosher when it comes to pork, fish doesn't taste like anything unless go to a ton of trouble to season it properly (and, at that point, tofu would be the same), chicken only tastes good with salad anyway - so you could just have the salad. But steak is delicious, however cooked or seasoned, it is delicious.

You know how there are different levels of vegetarianism? Vegan being the most hardcore, some people allowing eggs, some fish, ... I keep hoping there's some level which will allow steak but not everything else. But there isn't. That's just called being a "picky eater". Nobody respects your dietary choices when you go around saying, "Oh, yeah, I'm a vegetarian. Except for steak. I'll eat steak." "No. Dude. You are not a vegetarian. Steak is like, the symbol of meat. If you eat steak you eat meat."

So I can't be a vegetarian, because of steak.
(Guess what we had for dinner tonight)
(Oh, yeah. Thanks to Hayley for letting me write here.)

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  1. I thought steak was a myth, until we had filet mignon in DC. And now I get what the fuss is about.