Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Pinterest Challenge

My car died a few weeks ago. Engine seized right on a danger-fraught strip of highway and that was bye-bye to my freedom and mobility. But I've been making the most of my time stuck at home. Using eating to keep the boredom away, no longer am I content with tuna melts and last night's leftovers. Instead I've turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

I know. How vapid. How cliche. Such unrealized dreams.

I'm a complete and utter pragmatist when it comes to Pinterest. I refuse to bookmark things on the internet if I have no intention of going back to them. There is no point in having a collection of pretty pictures of food if you have no intention of replicating them. So that's what I've been doing. Working through Pinterest to see how these recipes fare under my feeble cooking abilities.

Results have been mixed. On the whole this is probably a result of my lack of skill more than any Pintrocities, the two most notably duds being cupcakes that were too dense and a soup that was a bit bland. On the whole I commend these recipes to you to give a shot.

These are the savory . . .

And for sweets . . .

My Pinterest stands as a memorial to the crazed industry of food blogging, but it's also a wonderful go-to for the answer to the question, "What should I make today?" It functions as a running list of, "Hum, I'd like to try that." A to-do list for food. Part productivity, part social media. Not bad, Pinterest, not half bad.