Sunday, September 27, 2009

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

I woke up this morning cozy in my makeshift bed, a light September rain dripping in the drainpipes, and the happy prospect of going to church after a warm shower. Autumn Sundays aren't so bad. They are specially wonderful if you are greeted by pumpkin chocolate chip muffins upon entering the kitchen!

Understand, I am not a muffin person. Muffins are what we used to eat before road trips and tournaments, so inevitably, muffins are the breakfast I usually ended up seeing again mid-digestion. It's not even just the unfortunate experiences linked to muffins, it's just that conceptually muffins make no sense to me. They're like bald cupcakes. Jim Gaffigan gets me.

But these muffins. They are so moist and spongy, but aren't heavy in your stomach in the least. They have that distinct but mellow pumpkin-y taste, the kind that's not so burdened by spices that it's comforting and familiar. The chocolate chips are kind of the crowning glory of these muffins. I can think of very few places where chocolate chips are more appropriate. Granted, they're just as lovely without the chocolate chips (and my mom's made some without, for my dad, but she says we can spread Nutella on them if we like, yussss) but next to the distinct semi-sweet chocolate burst, the sea of soft pumpkin muffin-ness is made exponentially more divine.

And I don't generally like pumpkin.

But I hoard these muffins like no tomorrow. They're not so sugary that you can feel your teeth rotting at you eat them, but they're just sweet enough to feel like you're eating dessert, without ingesting anything that's too horrible for you. They keep for a long time, and freeze well, too. Massive plus for me. This recipe is some kind of magical, because so far, no other pumpkin muffin (or any other muffin) has won me over. We shall see.

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